Packing of paraffin wax

Paraffin Waxes can be packed In A Variety Of Formats. paraffin wax can be delivered in Bulk Liquid (Via Tank Truck Or Railcar). paraffin wax can be formed in Slabs (5 Kg). paraffin wax in Carton Boxes/Pp Bags, Free-Flowing paraffin wax Granules (Packaged In Bags).

schematic of paraffin wax tests

• Melt Point of paraffin wax ASTM D87: Provides Information On Temperature At Which Most Of A Given paraffin wax Changes From A Solid To A Liquid.

paraffin wax Quality Control

Internationally Paraffin waxes quality controlled by their physical properties such as melting point, congealing point, oil content, viscosity, penetration and color. These tests are developed by the ASTM and each has specific number and standard.

Application of Paraffin wax

The most usage of paraffin wax is in candle industry. paraffin wax is also play an important role in hot-melt adhesives. paraffin wax protects of rubber articles (e.g. tires and cables) against premature aging through ozonization, manufacture and impregnation of paper and cardboard.

In this process slack wax feedstock is going through the sweating chamber. Sweating chamber is a insulated structure which contains rectangular trays and equipped with screen mesh.

Further advancement in paraffin wax industry lead manufacturers to develop Solvent De-Oiling method. In this process slack wax is heated and mixed with MEK and Toluene and chilled until the Solvent recovers oil; this part called Crystallization.

Crude oil is the most important source of paraffin wax. Oil Refineries produce two main streams product category from crude oil; Fuels and lubricants.

History of paraffin wax

Paraffin wax which we known today are discovered in 1850. Since then paraffin wax become more popular as it was burning more cleanly and reliably, and paraffin wax was cheaper to manufacture than any other candle fuel.

paraffin wax Properties

Generally, paraffin wax is unbranched alkanes that Solid at ambient temperature and have melting point range of 52 to 70 degree Celsius. Further, paraffin waxes are Thermoplastic in nature and insoluble in water.

paraffin wax have been used by human kind for many years for various purposes and applications.

Requirements for paraffin wax as candle wax base

paraffin wax have got to match "hydrogenation quality". This term represents a product purity that is characterized by the following criteria of purity irrespective of the refining methods used:

Candle quality control

Various Standards have been applied by many countries to prevent harmful effect of candles on the user’s health or adversely affect the aesthetic appearance of the candles or their suitability for use.

Molding the Candle

As explained, once the candle wax base is ready, it will be transferred to candle making machines.

In this process all candle waxes such as paraffin wax, soy wax, beeswax and so on along with candle additives like stearic acid, color and etc will be placed in a tank.

In this process cotton or linen are treated with chemicals, in order to achieve 90 degree angle at the time of burning the wick.

Candle wax for candle making

As mentioned above, type of candle fuel in the construction of candles changed during the past 200 years. Today the most commercial candle fuel available worldwide is paraffin wax.

History of Candle

Candles played important role in humankind development. Depend on the geographical locations mankind used different candle fuel as raw material to make candles. For example, in China around 200 BC Whale fat used as candle fuel.

What is Candle

There is simple definition for candles which is an ignitable wick embedded in candle wax and/or other flammable solid substance.

History of Candle Wax

Production of candle is an art at the present time.

Vybar 260 Additive for candle wax

Vybar 260 used to aid in even color distribution. Vybar 260 also increases the hardness of a candle wax.

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